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Oh Lord, How Long?

There are some words (phrases in English) that just signal trouble. This is one of them.

It gets translated as “Here I am!”, like in the song of the same name, you know the one I’m talking about? The one we sing at ordinations, the one that celebrates letting go and letting God? In reality, though, like many things having to do with the divine-human relationship, this human utterance is not so blythe and breezy. It’s a word for situations where words fail us. “Behold!” is how the King Jimmy renders it, but it’s more like clearing your throat because, when you tried to say something, nothing articulate came out.

Most people think that “the call”, as in “call from God”, ends with some poor fool saying “Here I am”. But it’s only the beginning.

Oh Lord, How Long?

Preached at Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church on 3 June 2012.

(The file is a Windows Media Audio file – if you have problems, right click and download the file to listen.)

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